Elaine Mather

Elaine Mather

Elaine has worked most of her professional life as a textile designer, followed by a short spell sharing her knowledge and experience teaching at a local college. Her styles have changed over the years but the art of landscape painting had always been a recurring theme throughout her career, which has ultimately led her into working full-time as an artist

Particularly inspired by the rich colours and textures of Tuscany, Elaine works with acrylic paints so she can quickly build up layers of colour to create depth. The atmospheric paintings often have a tree as a central focal point, the vivid colour she uses immediately draws your eye.

“What I get from painting is the chance to look at the world around me; be aware of the turning of the seasons and notice the incredible colours of nature.”

Elaine becomes immersed in every piece she creates; painting for long periods of time then detaching herself from it completely for a few days allows her to view it objectively with fresh eyes and to feel the full impact of the work. It is only then that she knows it’s complete.

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